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Exported directly sealed


My package was at Guangzhou International Center and has been exported directly sealed. Does this mean that the package was opened and inspected?

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Hi Fig,

It doesn't mean it was opened. Don't worry about it.

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Hi !
I have ordered something from China about two weeks ago and since a few days it says « has been exported directly sealed ». I know it’s a process before leaving China but on the EMS website it says that my package has been sent to India when it’s supposed to be sent to France. I just want to know where it is right now, thanks a lot !
My tracking number is EV925097971CN

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LL591508289CN. Check this tracking. What does exported directly sealed mean. I lost my first package and I was getting the same message at times.

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Tracking says that it was successfully delivered last March 6 but I haven't received any packages. Then I noticed this in the tracking history:
2020-03-24 00:55, Lisbon, Lisbon has been exported directly sealed
What does it mean? Thanks

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