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"Exported directly sealed" for nearly 2 months now


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I completely understand processing and shipping delays given the current state of the world. My shipment hasn't been updated since since March 18th, 2020. Is it realistic that the shipment has been either waiting in line to be exported for nearly 2 months or traveling between China and the US for nearly 2 months... ? Still not sure exactly what "exported directly sealed" means. I have no intentions of requesting a refund from the sender/Paypal until there's absolutely no chance of the product being delivered, as I really don't want to screw over the company if it's just severely delayed. Just want to know if this is a normal for today's climate... I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Hi knh93,

Many packages are delayed due to coronavirus. I suggest you wait for another 10 days to see if there is any update. If no, it's not normal. Then, contact the seller to give you a soultion in time.

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