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Failed delivery in China?


Have sent an item via tracked mail to the address given to me but seems it mayHave been incorrect according to the tracking info and it has not been updated since 8th Jan. Could you please advise if it has been delivered and if it remains undelivered do they send the item back and after how long?

Tracking RY087239247GB

Thankyou in advance

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Hi TonyD,

The delivery was failed because the recipient couldn't get connected through phone when China postman delivered it. It's on the way back to UK now.

Hey I send the parcel to Chongqing but it can’t be delivered just wanna know when will it be send back to sender it’s been at the post office since 23/6/2020

Hi Vish,

It's waiting the recipient to declare to the customs now. You'd better contact the recepient to declare as soon as possible.

Number: EJ256923182AU
Package status: In transit
Country: Australia -> China
2020-06-23 10:14, Chongqing, pending the recipient to declare to the customs.
2020-06-23 10:14, Chongqing, customs has been released.
2020-06-22 16:38, Chongqing, import customs remains to be verified.
2020-06-20 14:11, Chongqing, sent to the import customs.
2020-06-20 06:27, Chongqing City, leave the "Chongqing Mail Processing Center" next stop "Chongqing International Processing Center" (via transfer)
2020-06-20 00:29, Chongqing, arriving at the Chongqing Mail Processing Center (via transfer)
2020-06-18 20:34, Shanghai, leave the Shanghai Wanggang Mail Processing Center, next stop ,Chongqing Mail Processing Center( via transfer)
2020-06-17 23:03, Shanghai, Arriving at the Shanghai Wanggang Mail Processing Center (via transfer)
2020-06-11 00:20, Sydney, departure from The Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2020-06-10 20:53, Sydney, to the Offshore Export Swap Bureau.

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