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Handed over to Airline 6 days ago


First time ordering from China. Package has not updated since saying "handed to airline" on 05/12. Is there any way I can get more detailed information? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Tracking Number 302554137086

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Hi Brian T,

Is it sent by 4PX by the seller? Following is the tracking information we get from the tracking system. It's in the US now.

2020-05-18 18:00, ORD, Arrival of goods at destination airport
2020-05-18 18:00, ORD, Arrived at the destination airport
2020-05-17 18:24, HKG, shipment departed from airport of origin country
2020-05-13 20:35, HKG, Hand over to airline.
2020-05-13 18:35, HONGKONG, Arrived at Hong Kong hub.
2020-05-13 07:13, Shenzhen,China, Depart from facility to service provider.
2020-04-30 20:44, Baiyun,Guangzhou,China, 4PX picked up shipment.
2020-04-30 20:44, Baiyun,Guangzhou,China, Shipment arrived at facility and measured.
Hello, this is my first time buying from AliExpress and my package has been on hand over to airline for 8 days since on the 06/18/2020 please what does this mean tracking number is RB976942030SG

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I have been tracking this for WEEKS now. I understand it was going to be late but I had a package come from the same company get here in 27 days just fine and it appears this was in New York so should have been here a couple days ago but now looks like its on its way back to China. I’m sorry but WTF IS GOING ON?!
2020-08-07 23:49
Zhengzhou, the airline started shipping.
2020-08-07 13:43
Zhengzhou City, has been handed over to the airline transport.
2020-08-07 13:43
Zhengzhou City, has been handed over to the airline transport.
2020-08-06 19:09
New York, arrive at the place of arrival.
2020-08-06 19:09
New York, arrive at the Sitaprocess Center.
2020-08-06 16:18
Beijing, has been handed over to the airline transpor

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