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Handed over to airline for 30 days


I have a parcel stuck since the 5th of November under the status
"Handed over to airline, Shanghai".
Parcel number is LA072403211CN.
Can you help me understand what's happening?
Many thanks

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It should be arrived recently and there should be further update. If you couldn't get it before the delivery deadline, contact the seller to give you a solution or open a dispute on AliExpress to get refund as soon as possible.
Hello, I am kindly asking you for help,
I place an Order Feb/28/2020 (Alibaba) they give me tracking Number CP392612628CN CP 392612631CN, last time I track this shipment said hander over to airline on April 15, it has been 6 weeks stuck with the same thing, at this point I am looking forward to ask the seller to give me my money back and they can Intersect their product, this is a $430 dlls product. Can you please give me any advice, I think package it's lost and I don't want to keep waiting it has been 12 weeks waiting.
thank you for your help.
Hey, it's been more than 40 days since the parcels have been delivered to airlines yet there's no update on it whether they have departed or not and neither there is any information in the destination country. What could be the issue?

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I have been tracking this for WEEKS now. I understand it was going to be late but I had a package come from the same company get here in 27 days just fine and it appears this was in New York so should have been here a couple days ago but now looks like its on its way back to China. I’m sorry but WTF IS GOING ON?!
2020-08-07 23:49
Zhengzhou, the airline started shipping.
2020-08-07 13:43
Zhengzhou City, has been handed over to the airline transport.
2020-08-07 13:43
Zhengzhou City, has been handed over to the airline transport.
2020-08-06 19:09
New York, arrive at the place of arrival.
2020-08-06 19:09
New York, arrive at the Sitaprocess Center.
2020-08-06 16:18
Beijing, has been handed over to the airline transpor

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