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Has my package arrived in Canada?


Hello, just wondering if my package is in Winnipeg, Canada yet. Here is the tracking number EB782065923CN
It said arrival at the destination yesterday, just wondering what this means! Thanks

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LM717686180CN. Tracking said parcel on plane and plane arrived on July 29, 2021. Then it stated again that plane arrived on July 31, 2021. Then, tracking stopped. ePacket can be tracked on Canada Post if it has been handed to Canada Post for Customs clearing and local delivering. But Canada Post tracking shows: still waiting for parcel to arrive. Usual ePacket tracking should show the Canadian city that parcel arrived at and also that it was handed to Canada Post or local receiving carrier, if parcel has truly arrived in Canada, and not just plane has landed. Today is August 17, more than 2 weeks after plane has landed. But still no information of the parcel whereabout. Where is my parcel? Is it still stuck in airport in China? What can I do now? I have already alerted Seller. But Seller kept saying just wait. What should Seller do? Is parcel lost?

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Hi! My tracking number is EB735693955CN, the package arrived in Canada on Dec. 28th and the tracking hasn't been updated since. I contacted Canada Post, they said the package hasn't got into their system. Is the package lost at the destination airport?

livraison pas reçu à la maison (1 reply)

Je n'ai pas reçu la livraison malgré qu'il est inscrit que le colis a été livré à Québec/ Canada.

Le livreur serait China EMS, savez-vous où puis-je trouver leur numéro de téléphone ou adresse svp.

Dernière inscription le 10 juin à 22H28 Canada, The package has arrived at Chuli Center Canada.


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