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Haven't received parcel from China


RM743478137CN sent from China indicates has been delivered to Libya but the post office says it hasn't received such parcel

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Which one is your parcel, RM743478137CN or RB171631793SG?

RB171631793SG was sent from Singapore to Germany.

RM743478137CN left Xuchang City in China on March 1 and was sent to Beijing on March 3 but went back to Xuchang again on March 12. Have you checked with the sender? I guess the information was filled wrong or there was someting prohibited in your parcel.

Hi Sam i contacted the seller and he said the Parcel RB171631793SG is in transit in Germany and would be dispatched to Libya in a few days. The second parcel just 1 lady's bag RM743478137CN hasnt arrived in Libya but tracking information says it has. Thanks for the information
My package number CP404410735CN has not been received yet. The last information I have says “2020-04-24
CNCANA,China, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada“ How long should it take?

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