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I'm trying to send a shipment to China from the Germany, but the address that I was given doesn't have a postal code and DHL is requiring one. The address I was given was:
广东省​深圳市 龙岗区​吉华街道​三联社区布龙路20号布龙城A座5A07
Translated by a friend to:
Unit 5A07, Block A, BuLongCheng, No.20 BuLong Road, SanLiang Community, Jihua Street, LongGang District
ShenZhen city, GuangDong Province
Can you please help me determine the postal code? What is the actual city I should list? I just want to make sure my package will arrive to the correct place. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Monika,

The city is Shenzhen. Postal Code for this address is 518112.

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I need a photo of the adress on the package which I sent from Germany (Muenstereifeler Straße 37, 50937 Koeln) to Wholesalelolita International Trading Co., LTD Baiyun District, the new city Yunan Road on the 28th 603, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 510000 China. I sent the package back and I need the proof that the package was sent to this adress. So please may you send me a picture of that adress sticker to my email ([email protected]). The tracking number is CK049903690DE.

Thank you very much!

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Hello, We have trouble understanding each other.
What is the destination adress for the tracking number LZ596806647CN?
I'm asking you for an address. What is the recipient's address? you tell me at my address but what is my address? The French post office delivered the package to the address on the delivery slip, but the address does not match with mine.
What is my adress?
Thank you.
What is the destination adress for the tracking number LZ596806647CN? I've already as this question and you answered me i've received it on jan 29 it I not have. I would to know which adress in France you have for this tracking number?

Thanks you for your help

It was delivered to the mailbox of your address on Jan.29. If you don't receive it, you need to contact La Poste or the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.

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I'm currently at a dispute with an item I bought from alixpress, when they sent me the return adress they sent me this:
"yanglei 18683617973
China guang dong sheng shen zhen shi fu tian qu
CD Unit Tianxiang Building Tianan Digital City
CN 518000 shen zhen shi guang dong sheng"

Can anyone help me decipher what this adress is?

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