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The Tracker infrom me the parcel was deliverd, but on wrong adress!


Dear Operator.
I ordered the package from China (lately I realized he's from China) and paid over PayPal service. They send me tracking details with the tracking number: RV582701690CN. I was following that parcel for more than a month. Finally, the package arrived in Croatia but at the wrong address. I called Hrvatske Pošta to see what happend. They said that the package under that number is not even for me. I was given an incorrect tracking number! PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME? How can I check what is the right tracking number?

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Hi marioperic03,

You need to contact the seller to ask for the right tracking number.
Dear Daisy. The Seller is not responding. I am afraid the goods had never been sent. I doubt the seller's intention was not to sell the goods but to get the money. After some period he would return "borrowed" money. That looks like a fraud. These are my guessing. I would be rather happy if that is wrong, and the parcel still traveling. In that case, some correct tracing numbers actually exist and the seller knows that. So my question to CHINA POST If you can check in the database is any goods sent to my address Mario Peric Travanjska 8 10360 Sesvete, CROATIA from 21.09.2021. till 1.10.2021.
Hi mario peric,

Sorry, we couldn't check through the shipping address. You need to contact the seller to ask for the right tracking number for your package.

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