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I need a photo of the adress from my package to Wholesalelolita



I need a photo of the adress on the package which I sent from Germany (Muenstereifeler Straße 37, 50937 Koeln) to Wholesalelolita International Trading Co., LTD Baiyun District, the new city Yunan Road on the 28th 603, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 510000 China. I sent the package back and I need the proof that the package was sent to this adress. So please may you send me a picture of that adress sticker to my email ( The tracking number is CK049903690DE.

Thank you very much!

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Hi Johannes Koenig,

I'm afraid China Post doesn't offer this service. I find the package has been in Guangzhou new city China Post sub-branch on Oct. 15. The status is waiting for the receiver to pick it up. I think the courier couldn't find the company you mentioned. You'd better contact the seller and let them to contact China Post by calling 11183 to ask where to pick the package up or require them to send a definite address.

Please do it soon. If the seller doesn't pick it up as soon as possible, it may be returned back to you after several days.

when is the packet comming back to me?
It arrived on 15th of october, now its nearly a month and the adressee doesn't reply.
When do you send the package back to me?

(The tracking number is CK049903690DE)
You'd better call +86 10 11185 (press 8 for English service) to ask China Post to return it back to you.
Hello, the english service probably doesn't work. I pressed the 8 but I allways hear chinese.

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