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How do I send a package using E-Packet?


I am an online store based out of Canada. We have a factory in China that manufactures our goods. We would like to be able to ship direct to customer, however my contact at the manufacturing facility is not able to figure out how to ship with E-Packet? Only familiar with Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc.

Please help us sort this out as this is an urgent issue.

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Hey There,

Would like to know the answer to this as well!
Hi bstryker,

You can contact an express agency like 4PX express to ship them for you by using e-packet. They may give you a discount if you send a great amount in each month. Contact them and open an account. It's easy to operate.
With 4PX am I able to set up an account, if my company is based out of Canada?
Hi bstryker,

You'd better call them to enquire.
I have tried a bunch of number to get a hold of someone there. I haven't had luck yet - would you happen to have contact information for someone there?

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