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How does import to EU then reship within EU works?


I have been receiving SpeedPak aka Orange Connex and Yanwen packages with EU post label.
Original label is covered with label telling sender is from: Germany, Belgium, Lithuania.
And that label is real, someone imported it to one, then reshipped to another EU country.
I wonder how that works? The parcel from China basically becomes a parcel from within EU.
Parcels within EU are in customs union, thus final recepient is no longer importer to EU.

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This is the best answer I could come up with on my own.
If sender uses IOSS, then goods can be freely imported to transit EU country to later be shipped to destination EU country, with new label covering old label.
However, if no IOSS is used, transit EU country generates new label, it covers old label and must be customs declaration signed by sender from origin country.
Some additional info I gained from eBay support, a lot of big shipping companies follow this: they clear the package, pay the VAT and get the item delivered to buyer.
If that's so, they have right to later ask buyer to cover that VAT; or if IOSS is used and they are aware of it, they merely present that to customs and all is cleared.

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