China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

i did not recieve my pakkage iI want refund of my mony I payed for this


Can yoy see for mee whats did go wrong please
2019-06-29 10:18:42 Wuhan, Hubei CHINA, Acceptance
2019-07-01 08:57:59 Wuhan Hubei Arrival at Sorting Center
2019-07-03 09:26:45 Wuhan Hubei Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
2019-07-05 08:47:37 Wuhan Hubei Despatch from Sorting Center
2019-07-07 07:52:17 Wuhan Hubei CHINA, WUHAN EMS, Processed Through Facility
2019-07-09 09:09:19 Wuhan Hubei Released from Customs
2019-07-11 08:24:58 Already arrivedPortugal INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at Portugal
2019-07-13 08:43:50 Already arrivedPortugal In Transit to Next Facility
2019-07-15 09:24:08 Already arrived Santarém Arrived at Santarém
2019-07-17 08:31:42 Already arrived Santarém Departed Regional Facility
2019-07-19 08:29:02 Already arrived TORRES NOVAS 2350-003 Arrived at TORRES NOVAS 2350-003
2019-07-21 07:46:29 Already arrived TORRES NOVAS 2350-003 Out of delivery
2019-07-23 08:24:14 Being dispatched Awaiting Delivery Scan
2019-07-25 08:08:27 Being dispatched The delivery status of your item has not been updated(Your package may have been lost during the transportation period.pls contact sender)

greetings Ronny

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Can you please tell me where it is so it can be picked up at a post office in Xian or delivered at the address below:

Northwestern Polytechnical University
International Apartment room number 520
Ferry Wortelboer
Youyi West Road 127
7110072 Xi'an

BAR code CC059294874NL

Kind regards , Helene Wortelboer

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