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I don't have any news of my parcel in 2 weeks now.


I posted my parcel via EMS from China to the Philippines on 10/12, and I stopped receiving updates since the 10/15, the last one was: Dispatch to country of destination.
I've been told that my parcel will take only between 7 and 10 days. Now it has been 18 days and still no clue where is my parcel at. I've contacted the destination address in Manila and they said that they didn't receive anything yet.
Tracking Number: EB730116593CN
Please can you help locate my parcel, and kindly how long it might take to receive the parcel? Thank you in advance!!

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Hi Iliass Khaiter,

It was delayed in China for many days. It's in transit to Philippines now. To my experience, it should be reached in early Novmber. You'd better wait for more days to see.
It has been almost a month now. Still no news last update was on the 15th October stating that it's on transit. Knowing that a flight from Guangzhou to Manila usually takes 2 hours only. Kindly, there's any process to speed up the delivery or at least to know if my luggage is not lost or stuck somewhere? I do need to leave the Philippines soon and bring my luggage with me :s
Please can you help provide some form of update with regards to whereabouts of my packages.

Shipped on the 17th and 18th October

Many Thanks

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