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No news of my parcel


Hello. I have ordered online some items for my son's birthday the 10th May and still don't know where my parcel is. In the China post address it shows my parcel was given to the air company for transportation the 21st May and up until this date, the status is the same. Anyone can give me an update as to where the parcel is? Is it still in China or has it made it to The Netherlands? I completely understand with the current situation it can take longer, however, a friend of mine ordered his items 2 weeks later and he has receive his parcel. My tracking number is RV426476623CN. Thanks!

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Hi Kitekas,

RV426476623CN is still stuck in China now. The pacakges for your friend may be sent by a fast way. You'd better wait for another month to see if you could receive it. If no, contact the seller to give you a solution in time.

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