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I miss my package


I miss my package that i send from germany to China
with number LP000254190DE

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Hi Helmut Ludwig,

There is no tracking information for this tracking number. You'd better contact the courier you use to check it for you.
Hello Daisy,
i see in your trackingsite, that my package arrived Beijing at 2018-11-24, 19:26:04. The next entry was „handed over to airline, Beijing 2018-11-24, 21:51.09“, this is the last entry. So my package was handled by china post. Try LP000254190DE in your tracking tool. Can you try to find more informations?
Regards, Helmut
Hi Helmut Ludwig,

I got the tracking information you mentioned. When I checked it, the system may had some problem and don't show me anything. There is no further update after Nov. 24. It's not normal that it arrives in Beijing on that day and it then handed over to airline. It may be returned back. You'd better contact the courier you use in your country to check it for you.

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