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I think I have been scammed


I think I have been scammed. Do you have tracking # LS302926546CN in your system? I was given this number after 2wks of waiting for a tracking #. But it says not valid when I try to track my package. And they only sent me this number after I filed a claim with PayPal.

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Hi Brandi Rodgers,

It was sent on Dec. 6 and left China on Dec. 7. Now, it's still on the way to US. As it's sent by using China Post e-packet, it usually takes 15 to 30 working days to reach you.

2017-12-07 09:20 Shanghai city, leaving Shanghai for Miami
2017-12-06 20:14 Shanghai, leaving Shanghai Post Express logistics to Shanghai Hutai Road Auto Transfer Station
2017-12-06 09:44 Shanghai, express delivery of bulk Mail received
I think I have been scammed. Do you have tracking # LM097042496CN in your system? I was given this number after 2wks of waiting for a tracking #. But it says not valid when I try to track my package. And they told me that the Company cannot cancel my order and get refund
i want to know where is my package now.
thanks you
Can you check this China Post tracking number 86440093562. Has this item left China yet to LAX? I was hoping to get it by Christmas. Thanks for checking.
Hi anne,

I thin you could get it. The tracking number is not a fake one. It let China on Dec. 13 and on the way to Canada now.

2017-12-13 22:35 Guangzhou, leave Guangzhou and send to Toronto.
2017-12-11 22:43 Guangzhou, Guangdong Province Postal Courier Logistics International Business Sales Office Dongshan Range Station has received
Hi Mmanzi,

If you want it before Christmas, you should let the seller know and don't use this kind of China Post ordinary packet to send it. It just left China on Dec. 15 and on the way to your country now. It usually takes two or three months to reach according to my experience.
Where is my parcel?
I cannot understand anyone in your English department so please help. The tracking number is EL805438648HK and I have received two notices telling me it is here and have paid the customs fee so I have no idea what to do next. If they can send me reminders why can they not deliver it?


Richard Jones
Hi Richard Jones,

Tracking information stops updating since March 29. You'd better ask a Chinese friend for help to make a call to China EMS to ask. Contact number is 11183.
I was given this tracking number after a company sent me the wrong item LX215535967CN and a website i checked it on the wedsite they give me and it says out for delivery but when i look up the website and then track it says its in valid how can this be when its the same website
Hi Raina hall,

There is no tracking information for LX215535967CN. You'd better ask the sender to ask when did he send it. If it just sent, wait for two or three days to see.
Bonjour, mon colis ( numéro de suivi: LV272648532CN) est bloqué depuis plus d'un mois, je voudrais savoir où il est ? et quand je vais le recevoir ?
The contact customer care email keeps on bouncing back. I waited 21 days for my delivered but when I phoned royal mail it was for my address. Tracking number LV382144112CN. What happens now as it wasn't my error?

Kind regards

I am trying to track my order -# LYC21121516371781.
Can you please check and confirm delivery details as I have not received it yet.
I think it has gone to NSW and not WA as per the shipping address.
Thank you
My Order Number
Tracking number
Is this in your system or have I been scammed?
Hi, I received the package but it was not what I ordered.

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