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Everyone this company is a scam


I've been waiting on my packages for 3 Months now and keep getting told different shit . I looked further into this business and delivery services and we all have been scammed so you need to go file a federal business bureau and let them know you've been scammed.

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Welcome to the world of frustration of using China Post.

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I have been scam by this company and what I brought a per of Nike Jordan and I got a fake Hermes scarf. And what I don't understand is that is China helping this company to scam people ????

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I received a gucci fake scarf instead of the Buddha head garden light i ordered.
Zhangcha light industry road
Fire Building
Chancheng District
Foshan City
Guangdong Province

This company is a scam

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The tracking says it was delivered but I have not received then. Hard to lose 2 air conditioners. Guess this company is a scam company they just steal your money.

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