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Item not delivered


The tracking says it was delivered but I have not received then. Hard to lose 2 air conditioners. Guess this company is a scam company they just steal your money.

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Will my item gets delivered to China? (2 replies)

Hello, I tried tracking my item in this website. It shows delivery attempt, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province on 25th of December. When will this item be delivered? I have written the correct address of the University. Will this item get delivered ? Please let me know.
Tracking number ==> EE006226546NP

AS834762971CN (2 replies)

I have tried to contact the seller but no reposing. I have not been tracking the item and it says it on pick up on website and on the other said it has been delivered. Can you please reply and tell when will be delivered or where the item is. Because if it has been delivered the no note was left. Please can you tell which delivery carrier will be posting the item.

Cant track my item (3 replies)

I bought an item from Brilliant planet through amazon on the 26/11/2016. Item tracking number is OWEAA0015671829YQ, the carrier is CHINA POST. I have followed this order upto now (11/01/2017) and it has not been delivered. When i do the tracking, china post has no information as regards to this item yet the seller is assuring me that it was delivered. May i know where china post delivered this item to in Edinburgh?

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