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Company scam


I received a gucci fake scarf instead of the Buddha head garden light i ordered.
Zhangcha light industry road
Fire Building
Chancheng District
Foshan City
Guangdong Province

This company is a scam

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I ordered an arm exerciser which was half the price I could get in the UK. Google Chrome led me to this scam site 'The stationery store' which was high up on the search lists so it shows they are competent. The checkout page raised the alarm that it was not a secure site but I took the chance thinking I was too sceptical. payment was very 'clunky' with no confirmation. After investigation I received an email stating they had received my money and item was in the post. 4 weeks later I received a fake Cartier bracelet worth nothing. My subsequent investigation showed all the sites were suspicious and probably fake with fake addresses, websites emails etc. The packet on the cheap bracelet had exactly the same details of the underwear business and telephone number reported in other complaints on this site. Today I looked and found another bunch of false sites under the same scam. WHY IS CHINA NOT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PERSON - He must be very wealthy by now! -Chan Zhijun, 1st floor Yanbu Eurodan, Underwear factory in ??? Foshan, Guangdon G 52800 China, phone 8613516666666- As I wrote, I found several sites of identical format in just 30 mins browsing! This guy is prolific!

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