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request for manifest details please. ?


Hello there.
I have been scammed by an International company from China.
They have sent me a $1 jump rope instead of what was supposed to be the original order.
They have said they would resend the order but i have a feeling they will only send another skipping rope. Is there any chance you can check the manifest details to see what is listed with the new package please ? I have the sender as and the tracking number is LZ246073645CN. My name is David Ayliffe and the package is coming to Parkwood, Queensland , Australia.
Hopefully we can sort this out from your end and if its another skipping rope i can put in complaint to get a refund.

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I too have been scammed by the same sender. I ordered a drone, got a skipping rope. They offered a 20% refund when I demanded a full refund. This is a scam and we will NEVER see our money or order.
I was also scammed by - I received a cheap flask in the mail instead of my order. I submitted a complaint with Paypal. The website is no longer in service as well, and all of the emails come back as undeliverable.
Same experience with the same seller! I ordered a trampoline, and got a random jump rope. What can we do about this? The payment was made through paypal, is there any way to get a refund via paypal?
They sent me a baby grow instead of a drone, comically really then they said they will refund 40% cheeky TWATs
Paypal will help with the claim and may pay the return postage.

If you purchased with a credit card call your credit card company and charge back the transaction.

The same thing happened to me I purchased a bluetooth bracelet and got a $1 hip flask
I ordered LED corner room lights 4 of them €80 and got sent a €1 hip flask! Being advertised on FB or IG. email is no longer valid.
the email was !

I ordered 2 Drones from eleenservice on 16 June 2020. Have not recieved anything. Contacted seller who said parcel had been returned to them,and do I wish to get a refund or reorder. I chose to reorder, resend the parcel. Their reply was ,it will take 7 to 10 days to restock instead of using the origional items?? Nothing had arrived by early November. I started a dispute with paypal. No joy there. Paypal said seller had provided a tracking number, so dispute closed and no cover available. The tracking number was for someone else and was delivered. The email address is no longer active. Do not use this seller for any reason what so ever. They are definitely scammers. Paypal have been very lax on this occasion.

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