request for manifest details please. ?

Asked by David | 9/1/2020 2:07:31 AM

Hello there.
I have been scammed by an International company from China.
They have sent me a $1 jump rope instead of what was supposed to be the original order.
They have said they would resend the order but i have a feeling they will only send another skipping rope. Is there any chance you can check the manifest details to see what is listed with the new package please ? I have the sender as and the tracking number is LZ246073645CN. My name is David Ayliffe and the package is coming to Parkwood, Queensland , Australia.
Hopefully we can sort this out from your end and if its another skipping rope i can put in complaint to get a refund.

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Akasha Ravencrest 9/1/2020 9:24:58 AM

I too have been scammed by the same sender. I ordered a drone, got a skipping rope. They offered a 20% refund when I demanded a full refund. This is a scam and we will NEVER see our money or order.

halong01 9/2/2020 1:35:46 PM

I was also scammed by - I received a cheap flask in the mail instead of my order. I submitted a complaint with Paypal. The website is no longer in service as well, and all of the emails come back as undeliverable.

Ambar Ramirez 9/2/2020 2:59:11 PM

Same experience with the same seller! I ordered a trampoline, and got a random jump rope. What can we do about this? The payment was made through paypal, is there any way to get a refund via paypal?

Christopher 9/17/2020 3:05:35 AM

They sent me a baby grow instead of a drone, comically really then they said they will refund 40% cheeky TWATs

BrianD 10/5/2020 10:00:01 AM

Paypal will help with the claim and may pay the return postage.

If you purchased with a credit card call your credit card company and charge back the transaction.


tony 10/14/2020 2:49:34 PM

The same thing happened to me I purchased a bluetooth bracelet and got a $1 hip flask

Clint 10/20/2020 2:22:45 PM

I ordered LED corner room lights 4 of them €80 and got sent a €1 hip flask! Being advertised on FB or IG. email is no longer valid.
the email was !


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