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International package in stuck?


Hello.... as far as i know that "displaced from Office of Exchange-Guangzhou" means that it is on its way to its destination country.... but what happend if AFTER that it show "Departure from regional sorting center"...

Searching on the web i realized that it could that it is going go through Beiging.. but the last update was the 2 of december.

It is alredy on its way to Perú or before it MUST pass though Beiging?. And in this case, why it is taking so long?.. it is EMS.

2020-12-0212:22:51Dispatched from Office of ExchangeGuangzhou
12:22:51Dispatched from Office of ExchangeGuangzhou
20:27:21Departure from Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou

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Hi Erick,

Shipping is taking longer due to the pandemic. The delivery time for EMS packages couldn't be guaranteed now. It may be delayed. You need to wait for more days to get update.
now it have departure 3 times from Guangzhou and returned to Guangzhou one… i have OTHER orders that already leave china but now going via Guangzhou
Please solve this problem.... i need this product for christmas.... it seams that the problem is with the Guangzhou office on chine cause i have other products (also EMS) that were send AFTER this one.. and they are OK..they have allready leave China.

Please is it for a child and with all the pandemic i really would like to give him a little happiness with this toy: (.... please solve this asap and speed up or send another one in a super fast like DHL or something like that .... pleaseee help. :(…

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