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Is my package being returned to China?

Asked by Doll Collector | 11/20/2020 9:08:16 PM

Tracking Number: EA558745029CN
My package is being shipped via EMS
On their website they posted the update "Item returned from customs?" and everything afterwards sounds like the package is being returned to the sender
On this website it also says its leaving my country again
Can anyone help me please?

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Daisy 11/21/2020 10:12:08 PM

Hi Doll Collector,

It was delivered on Nov. 21 based on the tracking information. If you don't receive it, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.

Number: EA558745029CN
Package status: Delivered (14 Days)
Country: China -> Germany
2020-11-21 14:56, Germany, Germany has been delivered
2020-11-21 14:41, Germany, Germany arranged delivery
2020-11-21 08:05, Germany, Germany arranged delivery
2020-11-21 06:58, Germany, has arrived at the "Germany" delivery office
2020-11-21 00:06, Germany, leaving the country for a transfer
2020-11-20 21:04, Germany, arriving abroad for a transfer
2020-11-20 17:53, Germany, leave the "Germany" processing center
2020-11-20 17:48, Germany, overseas import customs release
2020-11-19 17:16, Frankfurt, sent to import customs abroad
2020-11-19 17:15, Frankfurt, arrive at the sentage processing center
2020-11-18 02:25, Transit station in transit
2020-11-12 09:32, The airline receives it
2020-11-11 05:14, Beijing, has been transported by carriers
2020-11-11 03:05, Beijing, leave the Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center, the next stop "Beijing International Mail Exchange Station" (transit)
2020-11-10 22:10, Beijing, Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center has been exported directly
2020-11-09 00:21, Beijing, arrive at the Beijing Integrated Mail Processing Center (transfer)
2020-11-07 22:42, Dalian City, leave the "Dalian Post District Central Bureau Mail Processing Center", the next stop "Beijing Integrated Mail Processing Center"
2020-11-07 03:29, Dalian City, arrive at the "Dalian Post District Central Bureau Mail Processing Center"
2020-11-06 17:13, Dalian City, "Dalian Gezhen Fort Investment Department" has been received and sent

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