Issues with airline checks

Asked by Erta | 11/10/2019 6:11:54 PM

Hello ,
Could you help me with several shipments i'v ordered in Ali? They are all going back and forth from Airline to Airport and not leaving China. They'r all clothes &from 2 diferent sellers. This is my first experience with packages facing this issue. Im concerned. Tracking data RP767421874CN,RP761946114CN,
Could you help me with more info or maybe update on their latest status?
Ive already contacted both sellers but in my oppinion they are not doing nothing

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Daisy 11/11/2019 6:50:27 PM

Hi Erta,

Don't worry about these packages. RP767421874CN has left China and the other three should leave China recently. You can open a dispute if you couldn't receive them within the promised time on AliExpress.

Erta 11/29/2019 4:11:28 PM

Hello, could you please check the following
They do live Chine to turn back again? Why is this repeating ?
Thank you

Daisy 11/29/2019 6:25:23 PM

RP761946114CN and RP767261656CN have already left China and are en route to Albania now. RP763343655CN will be checked again and sent.

Erta 12/3/2019 7:50:56 AM

This isn't normal. Again 2 packages show to be returned back.
I don't understand.

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