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Item held at inward office of exchange


What does this means?
Date and time Status of Item Location
10/07/2019 14:10 Posted 516000
10/07/2019 22:46 Arrived at export office Guangzhou
11/07/2019 01:47 Held for export customs inspection GZGJ
12/07/2019 01:45 Released from export customs and security GZGJ
12/07/2019 01:47 Departed from export office Guangzhou
12/07/2019 19:09 Arrived at destination import office Manila
13/07/2019 08:01 Presented to import customs Manila
13/07/2019 08:57 Held for customs inspection Manila
13/07/2019 10:19 Released from import customs Manila
13/07/2019 10:21 Held at destination import office Manila

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It's in Manila and Manila Post is in charge of delivering it to you. But it's held at the import office now. You'd better contact Manila Post to ask how to get it.
Hello, I had a parcel to Indonesia Tracking RR002958126AF
But it didn’t reach to the destination yet and a moth passed. As well our man went to post Indonesia and asked them if the parcel reached to them. But they said it’s still in India.
Plz check this report and response me Back to the subject. Thanks
Hi Muhammad Ayoob,

It's still in transit to Indonesia from India now. If you couldn't receive it within two months, it's not normal. Better contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.
What does this statement means? My items is held at destination import office? My tracking number is EA299823133HK
Hi DJay tuazon,

It didn't pass the customs check and will returned back. You'd better contact Philippines custom to confirm.
Number: EA299823133HK
Package status: In transit
Country: Hong Kong [CN] -> Philippines
2020-08-19 13:19, PHILIPPINES, Returned from Customs (CUSTOMS STATUS: Import authorized)
2020-08-19 12:50, PHILIPPINES, Held by Customs
2020-08-19 12:21, PHILIPPINES, Item for Customs examination
2020-08-16 21:49, PHILIPPINES, Receive at country of destination
2020-08-01 07:20, Hong Kong, Dispatch to country of destination
2020-07-31 13:12, Hong Kong, Dispatch item to destination country
2020-07-31 12:33, Hong Kong, Receive item at origin country gateway
2020-07-29 15:09, Hong Kong, Posting of item

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