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Linyi City 276427



Receiver Details:
Ms.Zhang Li,
(Mobile: +86 18653975488)
Citizen ID: 371323199407077621.
Phenomenon, The High-Chuang Town,
Gao Zhuang Village,
Linyi City, Shandong Province,
China - 276427

How do I know location of my stuff and from where do I contact to know about it.
I am living in India and receiver in china do not know about it.
How do I tell him to collect it and what will be process for her in china.

Does she has to pay anything to get delivery of stuff? Please advise me.


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Hi Deepak,

Don't worry. I checked your package and find it has arrived Linyi City, Shandong on June 26th. The package has been handed over to China EMS to deliver.

I think they will deliver it to Ms. Zhang Li on June 27th or June 28th. In China, the carrier usually send the package to the detailed place according to the address on the package and call the recipient to pick up. You don't need to worry about that. I'll help you to follow the tracking information and once it's delivered successfully, I'll let you know.

In fact, you could use our site to check the shippment status easily. You could fill in your tracking number in the tracking tool above each page to track.
Can you give me mobile number of Mr. Peng Qing, Yishui County Gaozhuang post branch?
My Stuff reference is EC575408401US
Ms.Zhang Li, (Receiver)
Mobile: +86 18653975488

When do I received above parcel?

I am out of station today, So it will be convenient for me, If I can fixed time of receiving delivery.
Hi Deepak,

I'm a little confused. We couldn't get the mobile number of the people you mentioned. I see he delivered the package on June 27th but the tracking system doesn't show a successful result. Could you contact the recipient to make sure if she has got it?
Thanks for immediate reply.
She didn't get delivery yet.
Her mobile number is +86 186-5397-5488
Please give her instruction how to get parcel.

I shall be highly appreciated by your follow up.
Once again thank you

Hi Deepak,

We are sorry that we couldn't do it for you as we don't belong to China Post. We set the site just for users easily check their packages. You could tell her the tracking number and where her parcel is now (Yishui County Gaozhuang post branch). As a Chinese, she knows how to get it. She could call 11185 to ask for details ones know the tracking number.

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