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Location of my parcel?


Hello,I am confused as to the location of my parcel. Its tracki g id is EV993040123CN
Thank You

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Hi Akuma,

It's from the middle transit station to UK now. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

Number: EV993040123CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2021-09-03 22:30 Transit station in transit
2021-09-03 20:30 The plane entered the port
2021-09-03 04:00 The airline is shipping
2021-08-31 16:50 Airline reception
2021-08-31 14:18 Zhengzhou City, has been delivered to the carrier transport
2021-08-31 10:51 Zhengzhou City, leaving zhengzhou International Mail Processing Center, the next stop , Zhengzhou International Mail Exchange Station
2021-08-30 18:26 Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou International Mail Processing Center has been exported straight
2021-08-30 18:13 Zhengzhou City, Arriving at Zhengzhou International Mail Processing Center
2021-08-30 17:35 Zhengzhou City, leaving the "Henan International Business Department III", the next stop "Zhengzhou City"
2021-08-30 16:19 Zhengzhou City, "Henan International Business Department 3" has been received
I have the last tracking information for the AQ477614805CN (from China to Poland) package that it was delivered on November 11, 2021 (public holiday in Poland, non-working day) to the destination Frombork, Poland, although there is also information that the current location is NULL. How is this possible? Where is my package? Regards Edith

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