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mailing to a friend


I would like to mail a gift to my girl friend who lives in zhengzhou china , it a sur pirze gift for our marriage so could you please help me get the right address to mail this to her .she lives in the Erqi Distict , Heman Province zip code 450000 street I don't know i need that also please help me it a ring that she has to wear on her finger , Oh her name is Lan Chen

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Hi jack gortatowski,

The Erqi District is not in details. You should know her detailed road or building to send it. Or she couldn't get it.
i don't know her detail street or building but her last name is CHEN dose that help , I'm trying to get in touch with her it very hard to with on facebook you know please help me and don't get her in trouble
only have what i gave you on her address street and building i don;t know please help her last name is CHEN
Sorry, it's hard to check her detailed address for you. You can only get connected with her and let her tell you her address. Or, you couldn't send it to the right place.
Daisy i m still working on the address she gave me a wechat its on that is an app on the phone that i don't get i hope that help u thanks
she just gave me this GUWACHENG of ERQI DISTRICT of ZHENGZHOU CITY of CHINA 450000
ok sorry wrote wrong thing its GUWACHENG of ERQI DISTRICT of ZHENGZHOU city HENAN 20E I hope that help was thank you again
Hi Jack,

I think it's GUWANCHENG not GUWACHENG. Is she a seller in the antique market? GUWANCHENG is the antique market.

The detailed address is:
No. 49, Daxue Middle Road, Guwancheng, Erqi District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.
Postal Code: 450000

You need to know her phone number in order for the postman to find her when deliver it to her. The phone number is a must. If you don't fill it, it will be returned back.
yes i need her phone number please thank you again
dose she have e-mail address ? too.
can i get the address in chinese also that would writen in chinese please
The email address is not needed when you send it to her.

The address in Chinese is:
thank you
yellow pages in china? for phone numbers
There are yellow packages in China. You can search 'yellow pages in China' in Google to get.
thank you again
Daisy I m senting a letter to her on thursday 16th of AUG. 2018 from NEW JERSEY in the U.S.A. if you could keep a eye out for it please , I have more to come also . thank you John
Do you have a tracking number for the letter?
No thank you tell me that i will and let you know thank you again
what service do you like USPS FedX DHL or UPS let me know I'll use the one you like!
If you use USPS, it will be delivered by China Post when it arrives in China. FedX DHL or UPS is a little expensive. If you don't want it to be lost and would like to track it, you'd better use the service that can be tracked.
witch company would you recommend to use to sent packages to china
You can use your local post service to send.

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