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missing package


hello and greetings
I am from Florida usa and I have shipped an item via usps CF222298082US
This item was never received by my buyer and have been stuck in Beijing China post office somewhere , I would like this to be returned to me in Florida
Mohamed Husain
1315 druid Pl
Tavares Fl 32778
Below is receivers info
Xunqing x
xichengqu yuxinjie qingzhiyuanxiaoqu
beijing 北京 100054

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Hi Mohamed,

The package is in China now. On April 11, China Post tried to deliver it but seems failed. If you want the buyer get it, you can let him call China Post to redeliver it to him. We couldn't return it to you in Florida but only can track the package for you. If you would like it to be returned to you. You also need to contact China Post (call +86 10 11185 then 8 for English service) to do it for you.

Latest tracking information for CF222298082US:
2017-04-11 15:47 --CHINA, Attempted Delivery Abroad, We attempted to deliver your item in CHINA at 3:47 pm on April 11, 2017.

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