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My delivery did not arrive


Can you tell me who the sender is? Can you please tell me how big the package is?
The Trackingnummer ist:

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Hello! i wanted to ask about the details of the delivery process, and how long it would approximately take for the package to arrive. Does the package go through multiple Chinese cities and then it starts to travel internationally? My tracking code is LV834129520CN, and i’d really appreciate it i can know what the delivery will go through and approximately how long it will take to arrive.

Another estimated delivery date (4 replies)

This is my third new Estimated delivery date for the packages LN251785060CN And LN251785095CN ,bought from the same place and person online, it was suppose to arrive May 15 and then it changed to May 30 and now it’s June 14 and it’s been a month since the last update for the both of them. The last update was April 29 and it said , ‘Arrive at Departure Transit Hub, None’ and hasn’t said arrived at destination country yet. I have another package that hasn’t arrived yet , UH509696220CN, and this one was ordered first and also has a new estimated delivery date of June 9 and it’s the 3rd new date. This one says ‘Arrived at destination country‘ on May 9 and it only took 2 days to arrive since it departed from the airport in China on May 7 while my other two packages haven’t arrived and it’s been a month. When will they arrive because I ordered them thinking they would arrive in May and now it’s June.

What does "arrive at the Sita processing centre" really mean? (3 replies)

I did an order in 10th May 2020 and the parcel has been shipped on 12th May 2020 with the track number LA986401714CN. After more than a month I can see "Arrive at the Sita processing center" for 4 times in a row in the delivery history. What does it really mean? I would like to know where really my parcel is and when it will arrive. I did a further order from another company of China this June and it already arrived in UK. Another thing I want to know is: is this delivery by airmail or by train? Because by airmail the delivery time should be shorter than a month.

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