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What does "arrive at the Sita processing centre" really mean?


I did an order in 10th May 2020 and the parcel has been shipped on 12th May 2020 with the track number LA986401714CN. After more than a month I can see "Arrive at the Sita processing center" for 4 times in a row in the delivery history. What does it really mean? I would like to know where really my parcel is and when it will arrive. I did a further order from another company of China this June and it already arrived in UK. Another thing I want to know is: is this delivery by airmail or by train? Because by airmail the delivery time should be shorter than a month.

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Same here. I ordered package RV431487147CN on May 11th and since June 5th the package is mentioned 'Arrive at the Sita processing center'.
When will it ever reach The Netherlands?
Hi Wooras,

It's sent by train, so it's very slow. It was in some other country along the way to UK on June 23 and it's in transit to UK now. To my experience, it takes another 20-40 days to reach.

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