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Package says arrived at Sita processing centre


Hi my package was shipped on 1st of May and it is now the 13th of July and I still haven’t received it . I’m very worried as the last update was “arrived at Sita processing centre” on the 23 June. I was hoping to have them arrived by 3rd of august as I’m going abroad then , please please help tracking number : LZ065843399CN

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Hi Ciarancross,

It's still at some other country along the way to Ireland now. It's transited by train, so is slow. You'd better wait for more days to see it arrives in Ireland. I couldn't guarantee it could be reached Ireland before 3rd of August. It may be delayed during the transit in countries.
Thanks for your answer after checking my package again to see there was a red alert saying it’s expired ? Can you check this out and tell me what’s happening tracking number : LZ065843399CN
Hi Ciarancross,

If the package couldn't be devliered in 75 days, it's thought to be expired in tracking system automatically. This is because most of the packages could be delivered in 75 days in normal. You still could receive it although it's expired in tracking.

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