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Sita processing centre


RV422591901CN I fgot to put my tracking number on could you tell me where it is it just days Sita processing centre every couple of days since the 8th is it stuck there

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Hi Misspenny,

Sita processing centre is the processing centre of some other country along the way to UK. It's still in transit to UK now. As it's shipped by train, it takes a long time to reach and have update. Please wait for more days to get update.
My parcel has arrive in sita processing centre- what does this mean?
Tracking nr is RY507105401CN
Hi Ivanhr,

It means that it was in some other countries along the way to Croatia. It's sent by train. You need to wait for more days to see it arrives in Croatia.

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What is this "Sita processing centre" that shows up on my tracking? Why has my parcel been in transit for nearly two months, one of which is at this "Sita processing centre"? This is ludicrous!

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Can somebody tell me where the Sita processing centre is ? Isit in the uk ? The sender has said it’s made it to my country but i think it’s still in China I’ve been waiting since the 8th may thank you

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