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Sita processing centre?


What is this "Sita processing centre" that shows up on my tracking? Why has my parcel been in transit for nearly two months, one of which is at this "Sita processing centre"? This is ludicrous!

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It's shipped by train, so it's slow. "Sita processing centre" refers to the processing center of some other country along the way to your country. It will be transit to your country later.
My product tracking number is RV457624273CN
It’s status has been showing arrived at Sita processing center for 16days now. Today upon tracking the arrival at Sita has now changed and shows that all along the product had arrived at the destination yet i have not received it. “Alice” i believe is your staff has said Sita refers to a processing center along the way. Now am wondering and asking at the same time, in which country is this Sita processing point? How comes all of a sudden the Sita changes to final destination (Belgium) yet Sita is not in Belgium?
Hi Mcenroe,

It arrived in Lithuania on July 9 and is in transit to Belgium now. As it's sent by train, it's slow. Please wait for more days to get update.

Jul 9, 2020 17:23 - Arrive at the destination processing center , Vilnius, Lithuania

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