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My orders has not been delivered



I have not received my orders it's been over a month.

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This items I didn’t orders why send me fake orders I’m not unhappy sending wrong items!! Swimming ring?? This not I orders are u taken my money send me fake orders?? LZ108763307CN that’s not my orders??

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I have checked on tracking for Order Number: FP12708514 and Order FP12708490 I have placed these two orders on 02/06/23 and orders coming from china I shop from before I brought light jacket and took it 10 days and delivered why these taking long time I think the time I will receive the orders is going to a month. why is all show in transits

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I’ve placed 2 orders in October and received tracking numbers in mid November.
Both orders have yet to be delivered.
Is there a way to be provided the USPS tracking number that corresponds to your tracking numbers?

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