My package has been recived by carrier on 18th December 2020, no update

Asked by Karol | 1/14/2021 6:24:20 AM

my package number is EV947915505CN
It has been recived by the carrier one month ago and untill now the status has not changed. Is the package lost? If not how long can it take for the package to arrive in Poland.

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Daisy 1/16/2021 10:45:38 PM

Hi Karol,

It's not lost. It's delayed and is in Hong Kong now. It will be delivered to Poland in the following days. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

Number: EV947915505CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Poland
2021-01-15 05:31 The plane entered hong Kong
2021-01-15 01:26 Airlines start shipping
2020-12-18 12:43 The airline receives it
2020-12-18 03:37 Beijing, has been transported by carriers
2020-12-18 02:26 Beijing, leave the Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center, the next stop "Beijing International Mail Exchange Station" (transit)
2020-12-17 22:37 Beijing, Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center has been exported directly
2020-12-17 01:52 Beijing, arrive at Beijing Terminal (transit)
2020-12-16 20:28 Shijiazhuang City, Leave Shijiazhuang Express Processing Center, Next Stop Beijing Terminal
2020-12-16 17:38 Shijiazhuang City, Shijiazhuang Jianhua Business Department has been received and sent

Karol 1/18/2021 12:25:46 AM

Hi Daisy,
Thank you for the reply. Could you please tell me what's current estimated travel time for packages from Hong Kong to Poland? When can I expect my package to arrive in Poland?
Thank you!

Daisy 1/19/2021 6:32:38 AM

Hi Karol,

It takes about another 10-20 days to reach Poland to my experience.

Karol 1/21/2021 11:47:12 AM

Hi Daisy,
I've read some other answers here on QA. The status of my package is "Delivering, flight departure", since 19th of January and has not changed yet. Can you please let me know whats the current status of the package? Did it leave China?
Is it true and can you confirm that it may take now another 30-40 days for another status update? Why does it take so long for package to travel by plane, when the flight time from China to Poland takes less than a day?
Thank you!

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