My package is missing

Asked by fengranXue | 11/11/2016 12:50:27 PM

The shipping status on eBay showing that the item has delivered one week ago, which was Nov 5, and handed over to customer. But i did not receive the package. Please help me find my package!

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David 11/12/2016 3:38:36 AM

What's your tracking number?

M. Bontempi 11/14/2016 5:10:31 AM

Tracking no LX977999469CN

My packet was supposed to have been delivered on 2016/9/18 at 19.47. It never came and I do not have the goods I bought and paid for. No one delivers at 19.47 in Brisbane.

Please explain further about when this packet was supposed to be delivered.

M. Bontempi

Daisy 11/14/2016 6:32:11 PM

Hi M. Bontempi,

Tracking details show package LX977999469CN has been delivered successfully to the receiver on Oct. 17. If you don't receive it, please contact Australia Post to ask what the problem is. It was sent by Australia Post.

Tracking result for LX977999469CN:
2016-10-17 10:53 --Australia, delivered successfully.
2016-10-10 10:26 --Australia, reached the processing center, from Shenzhen, China
2016-09-30 09:44 --Shenzhen, left Shenzhen to Shenzhen postal courier company (Hong Kong) business unit
2016-09-30 09:44 --Shenzhen, left Shenzhen to Sydney
2016-09-28 16:12 --Shenzhen, Shenzhen postal courier logistics company's international business branch has been received

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