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My package was sent to Dubai, but has just been returned to China


I just called Emirates Post, and they told me they have sent my package back to China! It is RV555458810CN and was first sent to Dubai, and stayed in the holding center. However, Emirates Post read out to me my mobile number on the package, but it was incorrect. It is 050 864 1097, but was written as 050 846 1097. So when Emirates Post tried to contact me they did not get through of course. Please locate my package and send it back to Dubai, UAE. Allison Deakin

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Hi Allison Deakin,

Sorry, we couldn't return it back to you. We are only a tracking platform. It's the sender's fault that wrote the wrong mobile number. You need to contact the sender to send one again to you.
Thank you for your reply. So the package will be returned to the sender? I am not getting any response from them.
Hi Allison Deakin,

Yes, it will be returned to the sender.

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