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My parcel is getting set back day by day


My parcel LY156940320CN has been in transit for the past 20+ days and the delivery date keeps being changed to the following date every day now for the past week and a half and was supposed to be delivered between 5/12/2020 to 5/14/2020 now it's saying it will be delivered between 5/14/2020 to 5/18/2020 and it keeps adding another day! Where is my shipment!

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Hi Mikewolf24,

It has left China and is en route to the US now. It takes about another 15-25 days to be delivered to my experience.

Number: LY156940320CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-05-06 14:31, Shanghai, delivered to air transport
2020-05-03 17:59, Shanghai, arriving at Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)
2020-05-03 14:25, Hangzhou, leaving the Hangzhou International Processing Center, the next stop , Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station
2020-05-02 21:20, Hangzhou, Hangzhou International Processing Center has been exported directly sealed
2020-04-18 21:29, Hangzhou City, away from the "Hangzhou City International Express Stick Valley", the next stop "Hangzhou Xiaoshan Processing Center"
2020-04-18 15:00, Hangzhou City, Hangzhou International Express Stick Valley has received

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