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My parcel is stuck in Vilnius since 9th of July


How long does it take to reach Finland? Tracking no. UJ493499349CN thank you.

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It should be reached in Finland recently to my experience. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
My package is stuck at the sorting centre in Vilnius in Lithuania since the 10th of July. Why does it not move anywhere since that date? It has to be delivered to the Netherlands. Does anyone know the telephone number of the sorting centre, so I can give them a call and ask what is happening and why the delay is taking sooooo long???? It is a summer item which I ordered on the 16th of June, so it is already on its way for over 3 months!!! Ridiculous, because once I get it, I can put it in the attick to stay there until next year. I am so angy at the moment and the Chinese people are only telling me, it will soon come, have patience, mail us back in 10 days, I have been mailing for months now. Grrrr, umph!
Hi Caatjetruf,

Sorry, we couldn't find any telephone number of the sorting centre. I suggest you open a dispute to get refund from the seller as you couldn't receive it in three months.

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