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my parcel still not arrived in Pakistan after 8 months


Parcel No:- CP366098286CN


Departed 【KaShi international 】, Next stop 【KaShi ZhongXin 】( Transit ), Xinjiang WeiWuErZiZhiQuKaShiDiQu


Arrived 【International mail ZhuanYunBu】( Transit ), Beijing,


Arrived 【Wulumuqi ChuLi ZhongXin 】( Transit ), Xinjiang WeiWuErZiZhiQu Wulumuqi city


Departed 【 WeiWuErZiZhiQuWuLuMuQiFengFaYouJian 】, Next stop 【Wulumuqi ChuLi ZhongXin 】( Transit ), Xinjiang WeiWuErZiZhiQu Wulumuqi city


Departed 【JingYou international 】, Next stop 【Beijing XiZhan】( Transit ), Beijing,


【JingYou international 】 Departure from outward office of exchange, Beijing,


Arrived 【Beijing airport 】( Transit ), Beijing,


Departed 【Wuhan ZhongXin 】, Next stop 【Beijing airport 】, Hubei Sheng Wuhan,


Arrived 【Wuhan international ChuLi ZhongXin 】, Hubei Sheng Wuhan,


Departed 【YouZhengWuChangQuShuiGuoHu】, Next stop 【Wuhan ZhongXin 】, Hubei Sheng Wuhan,


【ShuiGuoHu postal branch 】 received, Hubei Sheng Wuhan

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Hi Bilal Ahmad Qureshi,

It must be lost on the way. You'd better contact the sender to give you a solution as soon as possible.
Parcel No:- CP366098286CN
I am sender of this parcel when I was in China. On 2019-07-15.
Now I am in Pakistan. Still this parcel is not delivered to me here.
I sent two parcels at same time from same post office in Wuhan, Hubei , China. Second parcel I received in September after two month but this one is still awaited. Where is it ? Why is unnecessary delay? Who is responsible for the lost if it is lost?
Hi Bilal Ahmad Qureshi,

You'd better contact Pakistan Post to check it. It may also stuck there.

Do you still remember the tracking number of the other package you have received? I would like to see if it's trackable.

If it's lost, you can ask compensation from the China Post office you sent the packages. But as you are in Pakistan, it's hard for you to get compensation.
I booked two parcels on 2019-07-15
1:-CP366098286CN (13425 grams)
2:-CP366097630CN ( 15200grama)
Bilal Ahmad Qureshi
Wuhan Sports University
461- 珞喻路武汉体育学院沽北武汉市洪山区城区 telephone 13163255933
Receiver name is :-
Ali Rasool
City Lahore, Province Punjab, Country Pakistan , House No. 31, Kousar Road, Siraj Building, Alamgir Road No 106, Cell No. 0321-8812311
Post code 54000
One package is received 15200 kg while the fialrat package is still awaited.
And now I am in Pakistan
My Chinese cell number is
+86 13212740090
My Pakistani cell number is
+92 321 4801418
My friend in Wuhan his name is Bashar his Cell Number is
+86 13163255933
Now please check the both parcel one is received and other is not yet received what is the next procedure ???

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