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My product


What is wrong with you guys?
Where is my product?
code number: SF6043349739151

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My package is severely damaged as well as parts of the product I purchased (1 reply)

I received The Healthy Dessert Maker product. When I opened the outer package, the box containing the product was very damaged. Then, when I took out the product to look at it, there were two parts that had damages. I need to return this product and get a refund. I have been trying to post a question for some weeks, but cannot find the Check Code. Please provide instructions on where to return this product. I expect my refund to come via PayPal as that is how the cost was paid.

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Hello I recently placed a order with amazon for a skincare product. The seller said he will deliver in canada to me to my address by the April 12, however I have not heard from it despite how many times I messaged him. I am going abroad for my new job in another country and no one will be able to pick up the product at the given address by then. Can you please try to give me the product at my place before April 20 at the very max. Please I really need to have this for my skin condition to treat a severe allergy. Please can you send me the product before April 20.

Tracking number: AT313613795CN
China post

My product tracking number is 04353762740 (1 reply)

My product is a earphones which i orderd 2 months before in China post carrier. I have not received my product yet and in tracking it shows it has left ur carrier. Were is my product now..

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