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My product


What is wrong with you guys?
Where is my product?
code number: SF6043349739151

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I received The Healthy Dessert Maker product. When I opened the outer package, the box containing the product was very damaged. Then, when I took out the product to look at it, there were two parts that had damages. I need to return this product and get a refund. I have been trying to post a question for some weeks, but cannot find the Check Code. Please provide instructions on where to return this product. I expect my refund to come via PayPal as that is how the cost was paid.

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My product is a earphones which i orderd 2 months before in China post carrier. I have not received my product yet and in tracking it shows it has left ur carrier. Were is my product now..

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Hello, I don't know what happened to my product, is it lost?, what should I do?
The tracking numbres is LE166210135CN. The product supposedly should already be in Chile.
Thank you,

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