Stucked at Beijing Post International

Asked by | 5/21/2019 2:29:48 AM

Can any body guide me how much time it takes to ship the product after Beijing Post International,
My parcel RU923154945CN is stuckee at Beijing Post International from last 3 days.

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Daisy 5/21/2019 3:08:32 AM

It's still in domestic transit in China now and not stuck at Beijing Post International. It should leave China in this week and heads for Pakistan later.

Tracking information available now:

2019-05-20 02:00
Departure from "Beijing Post International", Next Stop "Beijing International" (via transfer)

2019-05-19 22:29
Arrive at "Beijing Mail International" (via transfer)

2019-05-18 20:52
Leave the "Fast things Hangzhou branch", the next Stop "Beijing Wangjing"

2019-05-17 07:10
Arrive at "Hangzhou International Mail"

2019-05-16 20:59
Departure from "Post Hangzhou Parcel Business Bureau", next stop "Hangzhou International"

2019-05-16 15:15
"Postal Hangzhou Parcel Business Bureau" has received, range investment: Liu Yonghen

2019-05-15 19:26
Logistics orders have been created

2019-05-15 10:49
Logistics orders have been created 5/22/2019 7:37:33 PM

As per China post website,
The time for domestic economic parcel from Hangzhou to Beijing is maximum 2.5 days.
But its more than 7 days.

Daisy 5/22/2019 7:42:14 PM

International packages needs more days to process than domestic parcel. 5/24/2019 7:20:17 PM

Still no update on it, can any one share helpline No or email address to follow it up.?

Daisy 5/25/2019 2:39:18 AM

You can call China Post service number 86 10 11185 (then 8 for English service) to further check it. 5/28/2019 11:14:02 AM

Can I say it it is stucked now, because still no update, china post person say we have no information about except the tracking information, can any body help me what should I do to get it sooner?

Daisy 5/28/2019 6:52:41 PM

You can only wait now. 6/12/2019 11:00:03 PM

What problem it may have? Why it is freezed from so long? Chinapost system is so poor they cant detect it, very poor system they have, imagine how this system handel bulk mails, very poor.

Tees 7/10/2019 12:42:23 AM

Please I don’t know Arrive at [International Mail Transfer Department] (transfer)
2019-07-08 18:31
Leave [Beijing Post International], next stop [International Mail Transfer Department] (transfer)what this means
Here is my tracking number


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