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My table has NOT been delivered to my address


Hello! It says you are the carrier of my package HHH0000124560YQ and it is in Mexico yet even though it says Delivered, I have NOT received it. There are people here is 24 hours, so the package can reach me at any time. Please tell me if there is a local carrier in charge of this or you are delivering it.
Thank you, I really hope it gets here soon and it is not a scam!

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Hi Carlota,

It was delivered by Hai He Hui Logistics. If you don't receive it, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and let the seller open a case to the courier to check it for you.
Number: HHH0000124560YQ
Package status: Delivered (16 Days)
Country: China -> Mexico
2023-01-28 15:47 Mexico, Delivered
2023-01-26 10:23 Mexico, package is being delivered
2023-01-23 16:10 Mexico, item arrives at destination
2023-01-19 13:20 Hong Kong, in transit
2023-01-16 10:33 SHENZHEN, Departed from Facility in
2023-01-13 12:00 SHENZHEN, Received the package in
2023-01-12 23:12 SHENZHEN, Item outbound in sorting center.
2023-01-12 23:11 SHENZHEN, Item inbound in sorting center.

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