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Need help with my package search


I'm waiting for a package from germany, which should be in Shanghai since last Wednesday. Hopefully somebody can help me...

Number: CK041008264DE

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Hi Helen,

The tracking shows the package was delivered unsuccessfully on Sep. 14.

You'd better let the receiver in Shanghai contact China Post by calling 11185 as soon as possible to deliver again. Or it will be returned to Germany.
Thanks Mark. Actually the reciever is me. I wanted to contact the delivery service it was sent by, they actually have a contact here in Shanghai.
It said, that the package was delivered last week on wednesday, but I got to know that on Thursday and the Midautumnfestival had started. So i couldnt contact anyone. I haven't even recieved a notice or something like it..
Is it too late now? i mean to contact them. I will try it anyways, but..
Hi Helen,

It's not too late now. The package is still in Shanghai now. Better contact China Post soon. If you couldn't speak Chinese, better ask one of your Chinese friends help to call. The English service is also available by phone. Just press 8 after dailing 11185.

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