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No shipping information!!!


Hello good, this is the fourth question I ask and I need to know the status and location of my order, since July 2021 it was sent and since 11/03 I do not get more information, please I need to know where it is, I checked with the supplier but he doesn't seem very interested in helping me, let alone make a refund or resend, what if the product was sent, if you can answer this by gmail to be aware of your response I would appreciate it, because my supplier does not does nothing to solve my problem, does not even answer me coherently, just simple ok. Thanks a lot RV575813996CN

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Hi tinacho_sam,

It didn't pass the check and was returned back for many times. It's still stuck in Beijing now which is not normal. In this case, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and refund you in time.

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