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No update since arrived in the destination country


I would like to know what happened to my parcels. They were arrived in the destination country on 22/10/2020 shows on the China Post website. However, no update since that. I have contacted the ParcelForce, They told me that they didn't receive these parcels, their is no update information in their database, so they cannot help.
I just want to know what happened, why these parcels not updated, normally they should be "in the sorttknf centre" or "Customs clearance". Parcels arrived without any update are the first time.
Please help!!!

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Hi Lavender,

They arrived at the airport of the other country on October 22. It takes more days for them to reach UK. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
I have the EMS package EA502033230CN show Arrival at the Destination on Sept 24, 2021, but after then no more update? Where my package? When I can get my package. Thank you

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