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nrRR843552714PL why my letter did not reach the owne


04/07/2016 I sent a letter.
2016-07-15 16: 18: 12.0 arrive Guangzhou city荔枝 湾Post Office delivery office
why not go to the owner
Please help

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Yes, it has arrived Li Zhi Wan Post Office of Guangzhou City on July 15th. There must be some problem for the office to send it to the owner such as the address is not clear or the contact phone number couldn't be reached.

You'd better contact the recipient to contact them or go there to ask:
Address: No. 76 of The tenth Pu Road.
Contact number: 020-81380676
have you got address email,
because I called all day on the phone number: 020-81380676 and no one answers.

Best Regareds,
Witold Sala
I checked everything, I have to give confirmation letter and a photo. All data on my letter is good. Telephon number also.
No one called to the recipient. What can I do? Is a very important letter.

Best Regards,
Witold Sala
You'd better call China Post service number 11185 if you are in China and +86 10 11185 if you are outside China. For English service, please press 8 after the call is got through.
I called there, but they do not know anything. Can you contact the post ofiice Address: No. 76 The tenth of Pu Road.
Contact number: 020-81380676 and ask for my letter
Can you help me?
2016-07-04 11:00:00.0 Poland received
2016-07-05 12:37:00.0 leaving Warsaw
2016-07-05 12:54:00.0 Warsaw export customs cleared
2016-07-10 09:07:55.0 Beijing Transit Station import customs scan
2016-07-10 14:54:58.0 Beijing Transit Station import customs cleared (domestic transit )
2016-07-14 11:18:46.0 Guangzhou Transit Station import customs scan
2016-07-14 15:29:00.0 Guangzhou Transit Station import customs cleared (domestic transit )
2016-07-15 11:00:23.0 arrive 富力广场 Delivery Office delivery office
2016-07-15 11:21:50.0 富力广场 Delivery Office attempt delivery
2016-07-15 16:18:12.0 arrive Guangzhou city 荔枝湾Post Office delivery office
the envelope is properly described and have the phone number of the recipient!
Tenth Road Post Office
Tenth road, liwan district, Guangzhou City, 76th

THEY STOLE my RR843552714PL
it is normal in China???
You'd better let the recipient go there to check.

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