Obtaining an "air waybill number"

Asked by Kathy R. | 7/31/2017 10:14:39 PM

I'll try asking my question a different way; since, my reply to the original answer seems to have been missed or ignored.
I have my tracking number; but, my package wound up in Mexico, rather than the US; and, seems to have "disappeared into a black hole." I'm told by Aero Mexico (aka: Mexico Aereo) that they need at AIR WAYBILL NUMBER, NOT THE CHINA POST TRACKING NUMBER, in order to be of ANY help to me in locating my package and getting it redirected to the USA. My seller doesn't seem to understand what I need, even after I told him that it would start with: "AM 139" followed by 8 more numbers. Could the problem be in the way his translation program (which I assume he's using) is processing what I'm asking him to send me' since, I'm assuming that the characters he's seeing on his paperwork are in Chinese? If so, does China Post have a way of cross referencing the air waybill number from my LK282503285CN tracking number? The postal code it was shipped from (on June 29th) is 201100.

I'm afraid that either Mexico will send them back to China; or, toss them in the trash. They are boots, to protect my service dog's feet from pavement burns; and, every day of delay carries with it the risk of serious injury to me; since, it deprives me of his assistance, now that the pavement is hot enough to burn the pads of his feet. I had ordered a set prior to this, which turned out to be a size too small for him; and, they only took a couple of weeks to get here. It took this set until July 20 to even get to the wrong country....

PLEASE HELP!!! I don't know if my clipboard will copy and paste Chinese charcters or not; but, even if someone can send me "I need my air waybill number. It will start with 'AM 139' followed by 8 more numbers." In Chinere, I MIGHTbe able to copy and paste it into an ebay message to him; and, it MIGHT help hm understand what I need from him...

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Daisy 8/1/2017 1:02:24 AM

I'm sorry, no one except the seller could ask this number from China Post.

Send this to ebay seller please. He could understand this:

我需要空运提单号码不是跟踪号码。这个号码以 'AM 139'开头后面跟8位数字。请帮我联系中国邮政索要。谢谢

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