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Order ePaket from China to Austria


Hello Daisy,
I ordered from China in February and the parcel circeld around for severall weeks between
Zhengzhou, Qingdao and Beijing and than it went again back to the shipper (ePaket)
The seller is very friendly and will send the parcel again when I want it.
I am from Austria (Europe)
Is a delivery from China to Austria with ePaket currently possible?
Or should we wait until the Corona situation calms down a bit before we send it again?
There is a special custom made order in the parcel and I am afraid that it could get lost in this Corona chaos.
Thank you so much and Greetings from Austria

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Hi Fredy,

It can only be sent from Shanghai by e-packet. No matter which way to send it, the delivery time couldn't be guranteed. Affected by the coronavirus, it will be delayed.

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